So Cold is the third single by Chicago rockers The Midnight Calls. In this 70s-influenced hard rocker, the band uses their brand of slide guitar to tell a twist on the traditional Blues tale of heartache caused by a woman. A cold temptress that leaves a trail of broken hearts in her path. Play it loud. The lyric video was conceptualized and filmed by UK media artist Mila Djokic-Randolph.

Whaddya is the first single and video from Chicago roots rock band, The Midnight Calls. The Midnight Calls plays blues-based rock music in the vein of AC/DC, Muddy Waters, Rose Tattoo, Thin Lizzy and other classic, guitar-driven rock icons.

“Coming Up Roses” is the second single from Chicago rockers The Midnight Calls. This guitar-driven hit to the gut reflects on the out-of-reach nature of fame and the American dream. A working class scream into deaf ears from a working class Rock & Roll band.